Iron Beats

Team Dirty Disco Kitchen Inferno cooked up a killer 5-course vegan meal at Iron Beats 2 Cook-off/DJ-competition at Langton Labs.

you got served! (delicious vegan cuisine)
Team Disco serving it up.
  • First course: uramakizushi roll with chinese broccoli flowers, fresh persimmon, avocado, wasabi, and served with pickled ginger and a soy-balsamic-ginger-mushroom reduction
  • Second course: persimmon mimosa with various citrus juices and tiny umbrellas
  • Third course: marinated and broiled tempeh with stir-fried Chinese broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, red cabbage, and spinach with a miso-shiitake gravy
  • Fourth course: coconut green tea persimmon sorbet, chilled and carbonated by dry ice
  • Fifth course (served with fourth course): 6-layer vegan rainbow cupcakes, featuring persimmon puree in the orange layer

Team Disco: Bonnie, Michelle, Gabe, Melanie, and Michael.